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¡¡Changshu Shanghu Town Hi-Tech Technology Equipment Factory is a domestic manufacturer specializing in production equipment of i.v.catheter and central vein. With years of research and invention, the factory has developed the key production equipment of i.v.catheter with advanced world level£­superconductive die tine forming machine. (The machining equipment of top conicity µã»÷·Å´ó!of vein remaining tube puncture) Besides, the factory also developed the second-generation double-head superconductive die tine forming machine, which doubles the productive efficiency and cuts down the labor force.
¡¡Based on the technology of the superconductive (non-contact mode) heating principle, this equipment features fast heating, high precision, power saving, no contamination, safety, durability and other merits, which reaches the advanced overseas level of its kind. In addition, the factory also produces the whole set production assembly equipment of the forth-generation Y-type i.v.catheter, as well as 18G-24G commonly-used fusion-head dies and mandrils.

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